Innovation & Technology

Design, development and manufacturing of components and metal equipment for industry, is our scope. In a market where we intend to be a differentiating partner in customized solutions, with great added value and innovations. We believe that a motivated and dedicated team, has enormous potential in creating efficient solutions, contributing to the expectations of customers to be realized, and for that, we make the product with the customer and not for the customer.


Be a leader in the industry in which we operate, gaining the recognition and constant trust of our customers, achieving excellence.


Development of components and metal equipments of excellence, within strict parameters of precision and quality, within the framework of an innovative vision, which contributes to maximize the benefit to the customer.


Commitment, Honesty, Integrity, Proactivity and
Orientation to the client and other relevant stakeholders.


Starting from the idea, concept and execution of the solution that customer needs, we know to use Know-how and Know-why, to reach the best solution with the correct quality.


The technology resources are the key of the quality that we produced, we have equipments of last generation, suitable to the requirements of the market.


Because what is not measured is not quantifiable, and being the metrology the science of measurement, we use it to obtain products and stable processes, the same way that is a tool of monitoring to minimize nonconforming products.


After the entire process, design, manufacturing and metrology we are confident that the final assembly will result in a product of excellence.


1. Studies

2. Projet 3D

3. Projet 2D

4. Parts Development

5. Consultoria


1. Vertical Machining Center 1400x650

2. Vertical Machining Center 1150x510

3. Vertical Machining Center 620x420

4. CNC Lathe Ø300x400

5. Conventional Lathe

6. Conventional Milling


1. Offline-programming in CMM.

2. First Samples Inspection.

3. Statistical Process Control (SCP).

4. Repeatability and Reproducibility Studies (R&R).

5. Analysis of the measurement system (MSA).

6. Consulting


1. Special Equipments

2. Jigs & Fixtures / Checking Fixtures

3. Welding Fixtures

4. Fixing Devices

5. Machining Devices

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